• Calling days and hours of the governing body of the National Bank of Moldova for citizens.

  • Octavian Armașu, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    1st Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

  • Vladimir Munteanu, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    2nd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

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Annual inflation

The annual rate of inflationAnnual inflation rate represents the increase of consumer prices during a month this year compared with the same month last year. It is calculated as a ratio (expressed in percentage terms) between the price index during a month this year and price index during the same month last year, calculated on the same basis, minus 100. Statistical surveys on consumer prices are carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). NBM sets its inflation target at the level of 5.0 percent annually, calculated based on the consumer price index (inflation rate for the last twelve months – each month of this year compared with the same month of last year), with a possible deviation of ±1.5 percentage points. (Source: Medium-term monetary policy strategy of the NBM. in October 2022 was 34,62 percent.

According to the latest round of forecast, the average annual inflation rate will reach a level of 28.8 percent in 2022 and 16.0 percent in 2023.

Official exchange rates

  • USD 19.5156
  • EUR 20.5235
  • UAH 0.5284
  • RON 4.1773
  • RUB 0.3094
1 USD = 19.5156 MDL
Sorry, there are no data

There are no any obligations for the National Bank of Moldova to execute banking transactions in the foreign currency using these rates. The official foreign currency rates are fixed and used for accounting purposes only. Read more...

NBM Interest rates

05.12.2022 - Today
  • Base rate20.00%
  • Overnight deposits18.00%
  • Overnight credits22.00%

The base rate is approved as the reference rate for the main short-term monetary policy operations. The deposit and lending facility is part of a symmetrical corridor of ± 2 p.p. to the base rate.

The two officials discussed the macroeconomic situation of the Republic of Moldova and the measures applied by the NBM to deal with inflationary pressures.

The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova (BNM), Octavian Armașu, has presented today the new director, Victor Martinenco, to the staff of the Single Central Depository (SCD). The appointment takes place in the context in which Alexandru Savva has reached the end of his mandate.

Calendar of data dissemination


Banks in the Republic of Moldova

Licensed banks operate in the market freely and independently from the NBM, the Government and other government authorities. The NBM licenses, supervises and regulates their activity.

The conference was organized as part of the Twinning project "Strengthening supervision, corporate governance and risk management in the financial sector" financed by the European Union and aimed to bring up the main benefits of the Republic of Moldova's accession to the Single European Payments Area (SEPA), the compliance strategy to the criteria of the European Payments Council, as well as a review of the efforts and progress made in this regard by the Republic of Moldova.


As of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, the offer price for residential property in Chișinău has recorded a decrease for the first time after the increasing trend established since the 1st quarter of 2020

The National Committee on Financial Stability held its ordinary meeting on September 26, 2022 to examine issues related to the current situation of the component parts of the financial system.

The members of the Committee analyzed the current situation of the banking, insurance, and non-bank lending sectors, as well as the actions to mitigate the risks in the supervised sectors, undertaken by the National Bank of Moldova and the National Commission for Financial Markets.

In September 2022, new loans extended  by banks totaled MDL 3,892.3 million, decreasing by 13.1% compared to September 2021.

The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Octavian Armașu, have held discussions with Lorenzo Tomassoni, the Italian Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), Octavian Armașu, and Deputy Governors, Constantin Șchendra and Arcadie Albul, together with the Minister of Finance, Dumitru Budianschi and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ion Gumene, participated in the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group, held in Washington D.C., USA, between 10-16 October 2022.

In August 2022, the monetary base  increased by MDL 2,986.8 million (4.5%) compared to the previous month and constituted MDL 68,679.8 million, being by 19.5% higher than in the similar period of the previous year.

Prices of precious metals

  • XAG 14.4217
  • XAU 1125.8490
Sorry, there are no prices.

The prices for gold and silver are prices expressed in Moldovan Leu for a gram of fine gold and for a gram of fine silver. More...

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) is currently drafting the secondary regulatory framework necessary for the implementation of European directives on payment services on the internal market (PSD2). Thus, in the next period, a series of draft normative acts will be proposed for public consultation.

The user survey on statistics of the external sector of Moldova is aimed at finding the vision of data users from different spheres of activity on the information published on the official web-page of the National Bank of Moldova in terms of quality,  presentation, frequency, level of detail and convenience in the process of searching and viewing.
We invite you to expose your opinion on external sector statistics and publications disseminated on www.bnm.md so we can adapt the information to your needs, within the competence of the institution.
Participation in this survey is voluntary and anonymous.
Estimated time: 5 minutes (11 questions)

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