• Calling days and hours of the governing body of the National Bank of Moldova for citizens.

  • Sergiu Cioclea, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    1st Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606;

  • Ion Sturzu, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    4th Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 607.

Please, note the requirements for receiving and examining petitions to the National Bank of Moldova !



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Electronic money institution licensed by National Bank.

Payment institutions / postal operators licensed by National Bank for activity of providing payment services.

The decision was taken following an on-site target inspection of the provider’s activity in the field of electronic money issuance, taking into account the severity and the repeated nature of violations committed by the provider.

The Automated Interbank Payment System (AIPS) is composed of Real-Time Gross Settlement and the Designated-time Net Settlement system.

Taking into account the high fluctuations, including the price collapse, the closing down of VCs exchange platforms recorded in the last months, the National Bank of Moldova reinforces its opinion expressed in the press releases of 15.02.2018 and 10.07.2017 on cryptocurrencies and investments in VCs, pointing out on high risks of losing money invested in such assets.

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) reiterates its opinion stated in the press release of 10 July 2017 on the so-called cryptocurrencies, also known as “virtual currencies” (VCs), and continues to warn consumers of the high risk of losing money on VCs investments.

The National Bank of Moldova warns the payment service users on the fact that virtual currencies and related exchange methods are not subject to regulation on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Respectively, the users’ funds are not protected. The National Bank will further monitor the development of international practices in this field.

IBAN code (International Bank Account Number) is a string of characters that uniquely identifies at the international level the customer’s account opened with a financial institution.

IBANs generators on the licensed banks' websites.

Activity indicators within card payments system of the Republic of Moldova for the 3rd Quarter, 2015.


The first national campaign for financial inclusion related to promotion of the non-cash payments, with financial support of the European Fund and Development Facility for South - East Europe (EFSE).

The National Payment System is a complete set of instruments, intermediaries and rules, which facilitate the flow of money in a country, consisting of a set of rules and payment instruments, institutions and technical mechanisms for the transfer of funds, which is an integral part of monetary system in an economy.

The NBM oversees the payment system and facilitates the effective functioning of the inter-bank payment system as well as licenses, regulates and oversees the activity of payment services providers and electronic money issuers, including non-bank providers and issuers.

The purpose of oversight is to ensure the stability and efficiency of payment and settlement systems and to ensure efficiency and security of cashless payment instruments and E-banking systems.

National Payments Council is designed as a professional forum for high level consultation between the various public and private institutions in order to facilitate the safe and stable functioning of the payment system of the Republic of Moldova.

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