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Chisinau Will Host a Forum of Representatives of Central Banks from 15 Francophone Countries


In the period of 17-19 October 2019, the Conference for the Chief Internal Audit from Central Banks of Francophone countries will be held in Chisinau. The official host of this forum, the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), was decided at the last year edition held in Switzerland.

The event which will gather representatives of central banks from 15 Francophone countries from Europe, Africa, Central America, North America and Asia, will tackle subjects related to internal audit from the perspective of current challenges and assure the exchange of experience.  

The participants will talk, in particular, about the role of internal audit in the fight against corruption and development of institutional integrity climate, interaction between internal and external audit, topics related to the management of the audit process and operational risks as elements of corporative governance. 

Therefore, experts will share practices and recommendations in terms of internal control regarding the new models of governance applied in central banks, as well as the public independent supervision carried out through the Council of Supervision and Audit Committee. Discussions on advanced techniques of digital audit and Big Data type analyses are also on the agenda.  

The meeting is at its 12th edition and will constitute an opportunity to develop the competences of internal audit officials of central banks, including the National Bank of Moldova.

The first conference of this type took place in France in 2008. The Republic of Moldova became a permanent member of the International Organization of la Francophonie in 1995.

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