• Calling days and hours of the governing body of the National Bank of Moldova for citizens.

  • Octavian Armașu, Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    1st Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

  • Vladimir Munteanu, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Moldova

    2nd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

Please, note the requirements for receiving and examining petitions to the National Bank of Moldova !



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The National Bank insists on recovering the money from the bank fraud as soon as possible


The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) notes that the recovery of money from bank fraud - such a sensitive issue for society as a whole - turns into a tool to highlight the image of politicians and reflects an action of disorientation of public opinion. 

In this regard, the NBM encourages real (but not declarative) facts and contributions that bring a successful completion of the investigation as soon as possible and the recovery of stolen financial means. 

The defence addressed by the lawyers of the citizen Ilan Șor, including to the NBM, can be submitted within the judicial proceedings already started. This is because by the sentence of the Chisinau Court of 21.06.2017 Șor Ilan Miron was found guilty of abetting offences referred to in Article 196 paragraph (4) (causing material damage in particularly large proportions through deception or abuse of trust) and Article 243 paragraph (3) letter b) (money laundering in particularly large proportions) of the Criminal Code and, accordingly, the court established that “through the offences abetted by the defendant, the patrimony of BC Banca de Economii SA was infringed” and that “it is allowed, in principle, the civil action submitted the civil party, BC Banca de Economii SA, and the amount of the due compensations should be decided by the court in the order of civil proceedings.

As regards the request to “compensate the value of banks 'assets as of 27 November 2014”, the shareholders know very well - according to the law, the debt claims against a bank in liquidation are paid in the order of priority of debt claim classes set out, while the shareholders' debt claims are paid from the remaining asset after the payment of all creditors’ debt claims against the bank. Currently, BC Banca de Economii S.A. pays the debts of the Ministry of Finance. At the same time, the NBM states that the shareholders of BC Banca de Economii S.A. did not contest the documents issued by the NBM and did not submit claims for compensation of the value of the assets held.

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