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    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

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A virtual journey on the "Road of Money" on International Savings Day


The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) announces the conduct, on 29-30 October 2020, of the second annual edition of the financial education activities initiated within the project “Learn! Give sense to money” in partnership with the Independent Analytical Centre “Expert-Grup”. The event will take place under the motto "Road of Money" on the occasion of the International Savings Day and is addressed to young people aged 16 and over who want to integrate naturally and actively into the modern world of the financial system.

This year the participants will embark on a virtual journey in which they will learn many interesting things about the "road of money" to the real economy, cashless payment instruments and curiosities about their use in our country and abroad. They will also know how the money arrives in circulation and what are the secure futures of the national currency. The young people, together with the organizers of the event, will reflect on the national financial system and will discuss what are the saving and lending instruments.

At the same time, the participants will be able to recap their knowledge - the sessions scheduled for two days will end with an evaluation contest and the winners will be awarded with sets of coins.

Those interested in enrolling in these financial education activities can submit applications by filling out a form by Wednesday, 28 October 2020, at 6:00 PM.

"Give sense to money" is a financial education project launched in March 2019 by the National Bank of Moldova and Expert-Grup. The project was initiated in order to increase the level of understanding of the main concepts and financial products among young people, so that, when faced with situations with financial impact, they make the right decisions in managing their income.

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