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    2nd Monday of the month: 14.00-17.00;
    Appointment: +373 22 822 606.

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The deadline for the elaboration of the design concept of the commemorative coin dedicated to doctors has been extended


The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) responded to the citizens requests to extend the deadline for presenting the design concepts of the silver commemorative coin dedicated to health workers with the name "My doctor - my hero".

Thus, interested parties have the opportunity to submit their work by 11 September 2020. In this context, the National Bank encourages all citizens, who have reached the age of 18, as well as legal entities, to express their graphic vision of the future coin, in order to achieve a distinct coin of an aesthetic, ideational and soul awareness value.

The basic criteria for selecting the concepts refer to the originality, creativity and coherence of the design elements, so that it is possible to execute them on the surface of the coin. Each participant will be able to present only one concept, being obliged to respect copyright and related rights. By participating, the author of the concept agrees with the processing of personal data.

The design concepts will be examined by a commission created by the NBM, which reserves the right to use them in the elaboration of the final design. The participants shall send the works and a short biographical information to the e-mail consultare@bnm.md, specifying "Concept for the coin dedicated to doctors".

Detailed information about the commemorative and jubilee coins issued by the National Bank of Moldova can be viewed at the link: https://www.bnm.md/ro/content/monede-comemorative .

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